DynaTek FS Ignition CDI Box (Non-Programmable)

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DynaTek FS CDI Ignition Box

Non-Programmable FS Ignitions for Quads

The Dyna FS is Direct Plug in Performance. As used by winning pro racers worldwide. Now available to you! Available with features that will let you customize your quad, and make it the trickiest, fastest, baddest one around.

Non-Programmable Ignition Features

  • Improved Timing Curves
  • Higher Rev Limit
  • Removed Reverse Rev Limit
  • Overrides belt indicator for full performance at all times
  • Easier Starting
  • Increased Spark Energy
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Easier Starting
  • Plug-In Module Replacement (Easy Mounting)

This is a high quality CDI box – we’ve had no issues with these installed (some of the other brands have intermittent issues that create run ability problems).

NOTE:  Photo is "representative only" - you WILL receive the correct CDI for your vehicle.