DynaTek CDI Ignition Box

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DynaTek CDI Ignition Box

Item Description & Information

  • Raise the Rev Limit
  • Remove the reverse Rev Limit
  • Improved Timing Curves
  • Overrides belt indicator for full performance at all times
  • Increased Spark Energy
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Easier Starting
  • Plug-In Module Replacement (Easy Mounting)
  • Increased forward top speed (Rev-limiter raised from 6500 rpm to 7000 rpm)
  • Increased reverse top speed (Reverse limiter removed)
  • Increased spark energy for better combustion efficiency and throttle response
  • Modified timing curve increases low torque and peak horsepower (advanced 4 degrees)
Options (Dynatek curve maker software required):
  • Programmable ignition curves (4 preset curves or make your own custom curves)
  • Programmable fuel injection base curve (programmable from -5 to +10%)
  • Programmable fuel injection low, mid and high ranges (programmable from -17.5 to +20%)
  • Programmable rev-limiter
  • Provides data recording
    • Data recording features:
      • Number of engine starts
      • Total operating time
      • Total time at WOT
      • Longest continuous time at WOT
      • Maximum engine speed
      • Time at rev-limiter



This is a high quality CDI box – we’ve had no issues with these installed (some of the other brands have intermittent issues that create run ability problems).