Do I Need to Run Race Fuel?


That’s right – fuel is a performance part, as critical to your vehicle performance as a camshaft or piston. When we talk about “Race Fuel”, in general we mean a fuel with a motor octane level of at least 100 octane.   Motor octane and Leaded or Unleaded are not the only variables to consider when choosing a fuel, but for most of us, that’s just exactly all we need to care about, so we’ll keep it simple.

In general and for most of our builds, we recommend VP-110 Race Fuel.   VP-110 is a LEADED racing fuel designed for normally aspirated engines with compression ratios up to 13:1 and works well in both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.  VP-110 has a motor octane rating of 107.  Higher-octane fuel burns cleaner, reduces detonation and improves engine life — and although race fuel is expensive, it’s a lot cheaper than having to rebuild your engine!!


100% RACE FUEL – Run 100% race fuel if the piston compression ratio is 12.5:1 or higher, or with a stroker crank or our full porting.

50% RACE FUEL – Run a mix of 50% race fuel and 50% premium pump gas when your piston compression ratio is between 11:1 and 12.5:1.

PREMIUM PUMP GAS (91 OCTANE) – In a stock atv or motorcycle, you can run premium pump gas (in our area, the highest octane available at the pump is 91 octane).  But the new stock 450’s have both a higher piston compression ratio and a better combustion chamber design, and they typically run just fine on premium pump gas.

After installing any performance upgrades, you should always check your jetting and rejet if necessary to ensure proper air/fuel mixture.  Unless we do the install, the customer is responsible for rejetting.

NOTE – once you choose a fuel and jet your motorcycle or atv for that particular fuel, don’t switch.   Fuel affects your jetting just like air quality, air temp and performance upgrades do.  Proper jetting strikes the balance between air and fuel delivery for your motor and keeps an engine running at its optimum – not too hot and not detonating or backfiring.

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